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about us

about us

We are a synonym for high-quality, safe and trustworthy cosmetic products and food supplements.

get to know us

get to know us

Kinezika d.o.o. is a family and internationally-oriented company from a sub-alpine country in the Central Europe – Slovenia. Our company’s long-time tradition is synonymous for high-quality, safe and trustworthy cosmetic products and food supplements. We are very innovation-oriented and we are always looking for new projects and cooperation.

short history

short history

Our story began in 1989. Through continuous development, constant training of key personnel and the introduction of technological improvements, we expanded our development and production capacities to such an extent that we can offer top quality cosmetic products and nutritional supplements for adults and children.

our vision

our vision

Kinezika, with its extensive knowledge and wide range of products, is a household name on the Slovenian market as well as on foreign ones – in most European countries, the United States and some countries in the American, Asian and African continents.

Based on our innovative approach, upgrading knowledge and continuous improvements, we strive to further penetrate foreign markets and become a leading provider in the production of cosmetics and food supplements under the client’s brand name, in accordance with their wishes and expectations.

our values

our values

Kinezika is a very flexible and reliable business partner. We place great emphasis on partnership, trust and quality of our services, which are guaranteed thanks to our established system in accordance with ISO quality standards.

We strive to fulfil the wishes of our clients while upgrading them into a comprehensive project with a high added value. As such our activities are focused on the constant search for new and better solutions, investing in innovations and thus improving the products and services we offer. The shift towards nature is an important value for us, so we strive to develop and produce natural and sustainable products.

our mission

our mission

Kinezika strives to provide its customers with innovative and high-quality products that are not just a commercial success, but where their quality and safety is higher than the statutory prescribed one. We consider this is our most important task and responsibility.

With a high proportion of natural cosmetic products and foods rich in vitamins and minerals, we draw attention to the care for health and living in harmony with nature. We also strive to spread these values among our employees and create a pleasant working environment.


Head office

Elizabeta Leskovšek



Mateja Stipič

managing director

Ana Michelle Stipič

brand manager

Miro Stipič

product manager


Nataša Koštomaj

head of preparation and planning

Matej Štante

head of development

Aleksandra Golja

head of quality

Aleksander Kunstek

head of production

Sara Vinkovič

chemical consultant


Alenka Sivko


Nina Ribič

procurement - development

Marija Petrovska

Head of marketing